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ESVEE Industries situated in Peenya Industrial Estate, which is the largest Industrial Estate in Asia, 0.5km away from NH 4 & 12 km away from Bangalore Centre having built up in 10000 Sqft. area.

ESVEE Industries is Ancillary to State Electricity Board. Registered with SSI, NSIC & KSIMC.  Our products are Recognized & Approved by Central Electricity Authority (Govt. of India) and CPRI.. The firm has taken Technical know how from CPRI for Field Testing Kit as well as Transformer Oil Reclamation.

ESVEE Industries deal in Transformer Oil Testing Services. Transformer Oil is used as a coolant and an insulator in transformer. It bathes every internal component & contains lot of diagnostic information. In this process, the transformer oil results in accumulation of “fault gases”, which are formed due to natural ageing and faults inside the transformer. Periodic analysis of oil samples for the amount & composition of dissolved faults gases forms a means of early detection of incipient faults in transformer. So the maintenance of the Insulation System largely determines the extent of a transformer’s life.

Govt. of India & Govt. of Karnataka Association with State Electricity Board developed the ancillary unit to get the reliable quantity material for sanction & distribution of power to supply the quality power to the consumer.  Govt. has encouraged the ancillary units making Government Order to place 50% of their requirement on respective ancillary units for their allotted products.



Transformer is one of the most important & critical components of electricity transmission and distribution system. Much attention is needed on maintenance of transformer in order to have reliable power supply without taking a shutdown by analyzing the dissolved combustible gases. The DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) is one of the most widely used techniques to identify the abnormities due to electrical and thermal stresses inside the transformer in operation. The DGA of oil samples is a practical method for the field monitoring of power transformers. This method is very sensitive and gives an early indication of incipient faults. So the DGA became well known technique & is successfully used for several years. Solid insulation failure is also one of the major factors and becomes primary factor in remaining life of Transformer.

Sampling of oil

The specialized diagnostic technique involves sampling of oil, extraction & measurement of dissolved gases from oil.  Sampling is a very important step in DGA because incorrect sampling leads to false interpretation. The oil samples from transformer in service are collected in Stainless Steel Container/Bottle by upward displacement (i.e positive pressure) of air contained in the container and care should be taken to avoid air entrapment. Extraction of gases from the oil samples collected in the container can be carried out under vacuum (10-3 torr). ASTM D831 and IEC-567 standard methods are used for complete extraction of gases from the oil.  In order to have extraction above 95%, oil sample may be heated along with applied vacuum.

The gas extracted from oil sample is analyzed by Gas Chromatograph.  The results so obtained are interpreted based on key gas method, Rogers ratio method & IEC ratio method taking into consideration the history & service life of the transformer. 

Service Oil Tests as per IS: 1886 - 1983



Information Provided by Tests


Interfacial Tension

Sludge present in the oil.


Neutralisation Number

Acid present in the oil.


Moisture Content (ppm)

Reveals total water content or cellulosic deterioration.


Flash Point

Sudden drop in flash point is indicative of unsatisfactory working condition of transformer.



Indicates deterioration.


Dielectric Dissipation Factor (Tan δ)

Reveals presence of moisture, resins, varnishes or their products of oxidation in oil.


Dielectric Strength (BDV)

Conductive contaminants and moisture present in the oil.



Indicative of conducting impurities.


Dissolved Gas Analysis

Reveals ppm of combustible gases dissolved in the oil to assess the internal condition of the transformer.







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