It was the year 1980 – Vijay Anand , a young man with an illustrious background in R & D at Carborundum Universal had decided to go on his own. After graduating from the prestigious IIT Kanpur ( 1972 ), he spent the next 5 years developing a variety of products in the R & D division of CUMI, Chennai.

Super Abrasives started production in the year 1982 with the sole aim of catering to the super finishing demands of the bearing industry in India . A bold step considering the fact that the industry was using only imported super finishing stones back then. Till date super finishing stones are the core strength of the company & Super Abrasives is regarded as the pioneer in this niche segment .

To further establish itself in the bearing industry the company developed special track & bore grinding wheels. Further developments included manufacture of honing sticks for the automotive & the hydraulic industry. Today Super Abrasives stands as one among the few manufacturers to making products starting from grit 16 to grit 1500 ( FEPA standards ) in vitrified bond.

The company has specialized vitrified bonds for special applications like tool room & thread grinding. The wide variety of bonds developed enables us to customize the product & hence provide a superior one. Among vitrified wheels, Super Abrasives successfully manufactures wheels up to 500 mm in diameter.

The passion towards R&D and as a part of the diversification programme, the company decided to look at products which are not vitrified Bonded. The company achieved a major success after being the first in India to develop PVA bonded products for the watch case industry.

The new century has seen Super Abrasives successfully develop Rubber bonded products such as control wheels & flute grinding wheels. Continuing with its policy of manufacturing specialized products, Super Abrasives has incorporated the new technologies of Seeded Gel/ Sol-gel/Ceramic grains in its basket of products. We are now producing wheels made from these special abrasives which give the customer enhanced productivity with high speeds.

Tushar Anand joined the company in 2006 with a mission to modernise and upgrade the production facilities. After successfully completing his first target, he gained his Masters certification from the prestigious Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad. He now actively looks after marketing and new product development. Under the tutelage and guidance of Mr. Vijay Anand, Tushar expanded the reach of Super Abrasives in Super finishing stones to OEM manufacturers and Tier 1 bearing companies. 2015 saw the tragic demise of Mr. Vijay Anand and pushed Tushar Anand at the helm of affairs. With the tutelage and guidance of Vijay Anand coupled with several years of quality experience behind him, Tushar Anand is more than capable of taking Super Abrasives to greater heights.

With a huge basket of products & a reputation of making quality products, Super Abrasives is now ready to make a bigger footprint across India & across the globe.




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